An operating partnership to help your business grow faster, improve profitability, and increase cash flow

Forecasting, Planning & Analytics Your Way

At Cadilus, we leverage four core capabilities as a starting point from which a tailored scope-of-work is developed to meet the unique needs of each client.


Business Planning & Budgeting

We leverage our proprietary approach to business planning to cascade strategic & operational choices into long-term and annual financial plans where every decision is reflected.

What We Deliver

Strategic plans reflecting winning ambition, long-term performance goals, strategic choices & initiatives

Operational plans reflecting annual performance goals, objectives, and delivery roadmaps

Cascaded and aligned BU/Functional priorities & plans

Long-term and Annual financial plans & budgets reflecting choices, priorities & assumptions

How We Deliver

Comprehensive business planning cycle management

Strategic planning sessions with executive leaders

Operational planning and financial budgeting sessions with BU/Functional leaders

Business plan reviews & calibrations

Business planning cycle closeout and organizational communication

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

We work together to fully understand your business and develop enterprise financial models that enable scenario analyses and regular financial forecasting, driving improved decision making.

What We Deliver

Financial-to-management accounting GL reconfiguration

Comprehensive, statement-linked, driver-based financial model

Enterprise consolidation and BU/Functional segmentation

Driver development and configuration

Monthly financial forecast refresh

Forecast version reconciliation & assumption, choice, trend attribution

How We Deliver

Financial model development & maintenance

Accounting to FP&A platform integration

Stakeholder collaboration & forecasting

Financial assumption, choice, and driver analysis

Stakeholder review of insights and recommendations

Performance Measuring & Reporting

Our approach to effective performance measurement is to implement performance goal setting, followed by regular business reviews, accountability scorecards, and actionable management reporting.

What We Deliver

External trends & developments reporting

Management financial reporting package

Operational & financial status review scorecards

Financial control & decision support analyses

Insights & recommendations

How We Deliver

Digitally distributed reports, scorecards, and dashboards

Regular financial review meetings with finance team

Regular business review meetings with executive team

Operational roadmap development

Expansive and fully-integrated stakeholder collaboration

Business Analytics & Insights

We integrate analytics into everything we do so that you can lead decisions with data and information. Our focus is to implement a scalable analytics infrastructure where the right questions can not only be asked, but more importantly answered with insights and recommendations.

What We Deliver

Prioritized learning agenda

Data storage and organization infrastructure maintenance

EPM, Power BI, Business Analytics applications

Financial Control Analytics

Decision Support Analytics

Actionable insights & recommendations

How We Deliver

Data Infrastructure

Business question procurement process

Analysis planning & data procurement

Analysis / Business case development

Insights, recommendations, actions, post audits

FP&A Managed Services

FP&A Base Package

Focused on FP&A essentials, we implement robust financial modeling and deliver collaboratively developed enterprise forecasting and financial management reporting so your stakeholders can see the future before it happens

FP&A Advanced Package

We start with FP&A Base and add annual business planning & budgeting to the mix, where we manage the entire strategic planning, operational planning and financial budgeting processes to get everyone focused and aligned around what needs to be delivered

FP&A Elite Package

For organizations who want it all, we start with everything in the Base and Advanced packages and add disciplined operational performance management systems – from operational management reporting & scorecards to regular business review meetings with key enterprise stakeholders

What do you get when you merge
traditional FP&A with enterprise

Actionable insights guiding everything you do.

Finance Consulting Services

FP&A Operating Model Design

Our focus is positioning your FP&A team with the right processes and deliverables to maximize the value created, delivered, and captured for the organization

FP&A Core Capability Development

We work alongside our client partners to develop the processes and deliverables to take your existing FP&A capability to the next level – from modeling, forecasting, and analysis to planning, budgeting, and reporting

FP&A Talent Services

We support your existing FP&A team with exceptionally talented resources deployed on a part-time or interim basis